Elon Musk Is Making the Future Better

The world is a better place for Elon Musk. I want him to succeed… And I’m genuinely worried about his health and the stress that he’s under with his various world changing projects. In his epic interview with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk said: “My goal is to do useful things, maximize the probability that the future is good, and make the future exciting” He often frames his work by thinking to himself… “What are the set of things that I can do to make the future better?” Overall, Elon is…

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A Boring Substrate

Elon Musk offered many useful insights during his interview with Joe Rogan. One was about the probability of all of us living in a simulation. He said, if we are living in a simulation, it is likely built upon a very boring substrate. Elon used the example of filming an action movie… Watching the movie be created is incredibly boring… Not cool at all. It looks hard, overly complex, confusing and slow. But what comes out the other end is an exciting distillation of the most exciting things about being…

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The Best Cryptocurrency App for iOS

There are a bunch of cryptocurrency apps to choose from. Most of them are not very good for someone who wants to do more than track a portfolio. However, one cryptocurrency app that I’ve tried is excellent… Crypto Pro. Crypto Pro is great if you’re interested in the following: Accurately tracking cryptocurrency price fluctuations Having a lot of control in monitoring your portfolio Observing the entire market at a glance Getting access to cryptocurrency news (without annoying ads) Having tons of UX control in “Settings” An overall great app user…

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Limbic Resonance and Success

One of the best insights from Elon Musk’s interview with Joe Rogan was his comment on limbic resonance and how powerful it is in media. Our limbic system is driven by animal instincts, our amygdala, aka our “lizard brain”. The level of social media platform success may be in direct correlation to the platforms limbic resonance… Or its ability to strike a nerve within us that makes us react. Those people who have embraced such platforms to their benefit are succeeding in large part because they connect with us at…

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Future You

If you want to make better decisions in the present, it might help to imagine the “ideal you” in the future. By envisioning yourself living the life you want to live, it can ground you in the present. Say you are having trouble doing what you know you need to do… Whether that’s losing weight, or cutting back on sugar, or stopping drinking, or forcing yourself to make cold calls. When you find yourself procrastinating, or you’re tempted to act badly… Take a moment and breathe. Imagine yourself thin, wealthy,…

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Investing in Pirate Flags… Almost As Good As Apple Stock?

Investing in pirate flags almost as good as apple stock?

It turns out that investing in Pirate Flags might be almost as good an investment as shares of AAPL. Susan Kare, who worked with Steve Jobs as a founding member of the original Macintosh team at Apple, has sold hand painted “Pirate Flags” since 2014. The pirate flags are reproductions of the original “pirate flag” that flew over the Macintosh building (called “Bandley 3”) at the Apple Computer office in 1983. Susan is the actual designer and painter of the original pirate flag. Apple flew one in Cupertino in 2016…

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Sam Harris Dictionary: Epistemology

Sam Harris sometimes uses the word “epistemology” or “epistemological” on his Waking Up Podcast. The word epistemology is derived from the Greek “episteme”, meaning knowledge. Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge, justification and the rationality of belief. The French philosopher Michel Foucault believed an episteme represented a framework of ideas, beliefs, prejudices, norms and conventions that humans use as a system for thinking. According to the book “Whiplash” by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe, Foucault believed that humans followed varying systems of ideas throughout time. He believed that evidence of human…

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We’re All Cyborgs Now

We're all cyborgs now

When Elon Musk was talking to Joe Rogan about artificial intelligence, Elon commented that for the human race to survive AI, we would have to merge with technology. Become cyborgs. But he said that today, we are already cyborgs… Because essentially our iPhones, etc. are already just extensions of ourselves. Cyborg Interface and Wearables Challenges As Apple and other companies continue to expand into the “wearables” market, the design of human/computer interfaces increasingly is defined by the “bandwidth issue”. Namely, humans cannot interface with computers quickly enough. To solve this problem, companies…

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3 Reasons the Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable

3 Reasons Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable-min

Facebook is having a relatively tough time of late… With Apple and Amazon recently reaching trillion dollar market caps, Facebook’s stock has been beaten down. The stock is at a four month low today as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is testifying on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s mishandling of user data, manipulation by Russian operatives and other sad consequences of using the social media platform. More and more people are wondering whether they should delete their social media accounts. But these problems may be a silver lining for Facebook’s next…

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