The Igrarian Age

Advances in technology have brought us more personal computing power than a NASA space shuttle. With affordable technology, we can broadcast our ideas to anyone. We invent products and create an online store, almost for free… And if we can communicate well enough, we can transact with people almost anywhere in the world. Some of us even manage to make a living doing so. The Igrarian Age is coming whether we like it or not. The security and prosperity of the industrial revolution has come to an end. Technology is…

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Does Head to Head Make Sense?

Fitbit Stock Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) launched their Ionic smartwatch yesterday and the stock spiked a little. Initial reactions have been positive, and there’s definitely a David and Goliath aspect to Fitbit’s efforts. The Verge has published a relatively positive piece on it. I don’t own any FIT, but I would most assuredly not be comfortable buying it now – even on this recent news. Fitbit is playing right into Apple’s hands with this new smartwatch.  Indeed, the Ionic will be priced immediately at $299.95 which is higher than a Series 1 Apple Watch,…

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Is it Useful?… Is it Art?

Is It Useful? This is a good question to ask yourself after you’ve had one of your big ideas. If you can objectively answer “yes” to the question “Is it useful?” you could be onto something. I’ve had countless “great ideas” that have never materialized because, in the end, even though they might have seemed great at inception, they simply didn’t pass the “Is it useful?” test. And make sure to give your big idea 24 hours before you go spending any money on it. Because most ideas most don’t…

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Online Exam Preparation as a Side Hustle

Online exam preparation is a great business to consider as a side hustle. This is because the process of developing the business can easily be developed organically with many “real world” jobs. For instance, say you are an architect and you want to learn about the green building world. You could start by learning about green building rating systems, such as USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems and preparing for one of the LEED professional examinations. The beginner level LEED Green Associate exam and more advanced LEED…

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Will Bitcoin Perform Like the Stock Market?

Historical Bitcoin Price

Will Bitcoin perform like the stock market over the long term? Who knows… We are still in the early days of digital currencies, which are based on an encryption technology known as blockchain. According to Seth Godin, who wrote a post today on the importance of action in creating your future, if you had invested $1,000 in Bitcoin, the most well known digital currency, back in 2008 you might have over $40,000,000 today. Seth knew more about digital currencies than almost anyone way back in 1995, when he wrote “Presenting…

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NYSE: DIS as Income Investment

Disney Deadpool

Disney seems like a safe bet as a long term value investment, stock appreciation and dividend play… As a source of original content, NYSE: DIS is exceptional because of its pure potential to crank out story after story, and leverage great iconic characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney’s own titles. When combined with vertical integration and innovations in immersive technology such as CGI, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), online gaming and the Internet, an entertainment company like Disney seems well positioned for these media trends. The company has…

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My friend

My friend is married to a beautiful woman who has terminal cancer. They have two wonderful, young children. The cancer has been going on for a long time… And is near the end. His wife is incredibly tough… And if I ever saw a man who is strong and cares for his family, does the right thing, suffering in silence… It is my friend. All of my troubles pale in comparison. I saw him tonight for the first time in a while… He was the same steady person, great guy,…

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Daily Struggle

The “midlife crisis” is an American concept that involves someone who finds himself halfway through life, wondering where the time went, desperately searching for meaning in the unfullfilling, but steady, 9-5 that provides a paycheck. As the story goes, the coasting man has seemingly everything he needs but starts flailing around, ending up in a shiny sports car, with a mistress at his side, awaiting the impending disaster that is invisible to him but evident to everyone else watching the slow motion train wreck that is the guy’s life as…

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