Daily Struggle

The “midlife crisis” is an American concept that involves someone who finds himself halfway through life, wondering where the time went, desperately searching for meaning in the unfullfilling, but steady, 9-5 that provides a paycheck.

As the story goes, the coasting man has seemingly everything he needs but starts flailing around, ending up in a shiny sports car, with a mistress at his side, awaiting the impending disaster that is invisible to him but evident to everyone else watching the slow motion train wreck that is the guy’s life as it unravels from his stupid choices.

And even though we seemingly can’t count on a 9-5 job anymore, and because the robots are coming for our jobs, and when pensions no longer exist… we can still struggle daily, live frugally, build things, leverage recurring revenue streams, slowly, predictably and dutifully build a nest egg using multiple sources of income.

Croesus was known as the richest man on earth… But he didn’t have access to half the technology and information that you and I have today.

So perhaps, with technology’s help, we can avoid the midlife crisis and become the kings of our own lives, have more financial freedom, love our spouses, be good fathers, create useful things, maintain good friendships and feed healthy addictions…

Please God, let this blog be about that.