Is it Useful?… Is it Art?

Is It Useful?

This is a good question to ask yourself after you’ve had one of your big ideas.

If you can objectively answer “yes” to the question “Is it useful?” you could be onto something. I’ve had countless “great ideas” that have never materialized because, in the end, even though they might have seemed great at inception, they simply didn’t pass the “Is it useful?” test.

And make sure to give your big idea 24 hours before you go spending any money on it.

Because most ideas most don’t hold up under scrutiny.

Indeed, I’d wager that GoDaddy makes a significant portion of its domain registration income from people buying domain names within 5 minutes of having a “big idea”.

I’m not throwing stones…

Guilty as charged.

Is It Art?

Or… is it art? Some ideas just don’t need to pass the “Is it useful?” test to be great.

If it’s art, it may not need to be useful to anyone, really.

Art can be very valuable to its creator, though, even if it is completely ignored or met with ambivalence by everyone else.

A third option is possible too…

You could be so far ahead of your time with an idea that you simply need to wait it out until the world evolves to meet up with your plans.

Hyperloop, Tesla’s master plan, The Boring Company, Space X, Neuralink, colonizing Mars… Not everybody would agree on the usefulness of these ideas, but to Elon Musk, they’re not only useful, they’re certainly some form of art.