Online Exam Preparation as a Side Hustle

Online exam preparation is a great business to consider as a side hustle. This is because the process of developing the business can easily be developed organically with many “real world” jobs.

For instance, say you are an architect and you want to learn about the green building world. You could start by learning about green building rating systems, such as USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems and preparing for one of the LEED professional examinations.

The beginner level LEED Green Associate exam and more advanced LEED AP specialty exams are both difficult to pass. However, they are very helpful in terms of learning the material for a career in sustainable real estate, so they make sense for anyone who’s serious about this industry as a career.

Sign up for an exam and as you are going through the process, simply document your experience, taking notes along the way and developing your own study questions. Study hard and pass the exam you want to become an expert in.

Based on your own success passing the exam, you can then help others pass their exams by selling them helpful tools and products, such as study guides or practice tests, through your own website.

With exam preparation, you are solving a real problem for your customers because you are helping them prepare to pass their exams. For instance, the LEED exams have developed a reputation for being extremely tough because of the amount of material involved and the fact that they are two hour, professionally monitored, closed book tests.

Exam preparation products can also be highly lucrative as a source of side hustle income because information products typically are essentially a 100% incremental profit with each product sold above whatever your breakeven costs are from running your website.

Exam preparation needs span many professional careers where professional credentials are highly valued, including architecture, insurance, law, medicine, engineering, etc. and in such cases the exams may be extremely difficult.  

If you have a day job that offers professional credentials, what kind of exam preparation could you offer to other professionals who are looking to better themselves in your industry?