The Igrarian Age

Advances in technology have brought us more personal computing power than a NASA space shuttle.

With affordable technology, we can broadcast our ideas to anyone. We invent products and create an online store, almost for free… And if we can communicate well enough, we can transact with people almost anywhere in the world.

Some of us even manage to make a living doing so.

The Igrarian Age is coming whether we like it or not. The security and prosperity of the industrial revolution has come to an end. Technology is advancing at a dramatic rate… Coddling us with one hand, and fleecing us with the other. Automation is devouring the jobs humans rely on, leaving us with slightly less each day to hold onto.

Igrarianism requires cultivating a sustainable livelihood from technology and the Internet… It emphasizes using the tools and technology to our advantage, to live sustainably.

Igrarianism is part of the natural human evolution from the time of hunter gatherer to technology today…

  1. Hunter gatherer
  2. Agrarian
  3. Industrial
  4. Technology and information (post industrial)
  5. Igrarian (cyborg)

For us to survive, we must embrace technology with a philosophy of life-long learning and the goal of self-sufficiency and freedom.

How long will this next phase of the evolution last?

It depends on what happens when and if man creates machines with achieve superhuman artificial general intelligence

Will they create businesses for us and freedom for everyone? Or will the middle class continue to be hollowed out, bookended by extreme poverty and hyper-extreme wealth on either side?

The Igrarian Age may end with the machines taking over… Elon Musk believes that in order to survive we must become more like cyborgs than ever.1

What do you think?



  1. He has started two companies OpenAI and Neuralink to make it possible for us to do this.