Four People in Every Conversation

The Latin for modern humans is “Homo sapiens sapiens“… Homo sapiens is translated as “wise man”… Or “thinking man”. Homo sapiens sapiens could be extended to the “thinking man who knows he thinks”. 

The thinker and the knower are two different people. 

Thought happens… like breathing, or heart beating, whether we want it to or not. This is constant chatter… sometimes referred to as the lizard brain. The lizard seems to only think of itself and is constantly replaying bad stories, warning you to watch out, to be selfish, that the world might end, to take the easy way out, to get an advantage, to get as much as possible.

Our conscious self is the knowing man. He is conscious of our place in the world and what it is like to be us. He is conscious of our urges and desires, whether they are good for us or not or fit into our dreams for our lives. 

As you go throughout your day, working, conversing, selling…  Remember that every conversation you have with another person is actually a conversation between four people. 

And you may never know, from moment to moment, who you’re actually dealing with.