The Cheapest iPhone Yet

iPhone X

Apple will announce a series of upgraded iPhones today, as well as the iPhone X.

Journalists are scrambling to write stories about how the new iPhone is so expensive

But the new iPhone X is actually dirt cheap.

All smartphones are, not just the iPhone… And iPhone X may simply be the most expensive (inexpensive) within the iPhone lineup.

How Much Does An iPhone Cost Per Touch or Use?

From a use perspective, an iPhone is an absolute miracle of science…  How much time do I spend on my iPhone 6S?

Who knows.

But it’s probably waaay too much.

If the new iPhone costs $1,000, if I used my iPhone only once per day over two years, that’s a cost of about $1.50 per day for this miracle device.

Many Americans spend more than that on coffee everyday…

But how many times do you actually unlock and use your device per day?

One article claims we unlock our phones 150 times per day… Other research reports indicate an average time on our smartphones of 4 hours per day.

If you use your iPhone 4 hours per day, that’s 1,460 hours per year… At $1,000 the cost of an iPhone X per hour of quality time is only $0.68 cents per hour.

How many times do you touch your iPhone per day?

One study by Dscout indicates that users “touch” their iPhone 2,617 times per day, or 955,205 times per year. So, the cost of that iPhone X per year, per touch is just $0.0010 cents per touch.

Smartphones of all types are an incredible investment… Not just iPhone.

But I’m an Apple fan and my iPhone is useful, durable, beautifully designed and I take for granted that it is connected all the time, to everything, without wires.

If it ever is slow, for even one second, I sigh.

But this never happens.

My iPhone is always fast.

And ridiculously durable.

I drop my iPhone often.

I use an Otterbox, which protects it… But still, how it still functions considering the number of times its been dropped is beyond me.

Apple will have something else up its sleeve today. Maybe it’s facial recognition as a security feature… Maybe it’s an edge less OLED screen that looks better and is more efficient than LED screens…

Maybe it’s better AI in Siri… Siri definitely needs improving.

While I’m not sure what the announcements will be, but I’m sure of one thing: Customers will be eager to buy the new iPhone at almost any price.

And $1,000 is cheap.