The Red Dot

Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 3 is hot. I’ve only seen pictures but I already want one…

More so than the new iPhone X.

Red Range Rover DetailBut my lust for the new Apple Watch Series 3 has nothing to do with its relatively affordable $400 price tag compared to the also affordable >$1,000 iPhone X…

It’s the red dot. 

The red dot on the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch Series 3 reminds me of the glossy red side vents you might see on some tricked out Range Rover Sport models.

Or the bright red calipers that jump out at you from behind the custom wheels of a high performance race car.

Porsche red brake calipersThe red detail is a status thing… I know.

But’s it’s a nice touch, and it truly makes the Apple Watch look like a luxury product.

I suspect that anyone who wears an Apple Watch now will probably automatically look for the red dot when seeing another Apple Watch in the wild in the future.

I also suspect that the Apple Watch Series 3 will mark a definitive moment in the eventual death of Fitbit and Garmin smart watches.

Apple already sells more watches than all other Swiss watch companies, combined.

Apple Watch Series 3: The Perfect Starter Smartphone for Kids

The Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular feature is amazing as a concept.

This means that the Apple Watch Series 3 offers complete freedom and is now a substitute for a smartphone.

As a parent who struggled big time with whether to allow his kids to have a smart phone, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a great “starter smartphone” or smartphone alternative for parents.

I think most parents want to keep in touch with their kids 24/7 but don’t want them to have access to a smartphone because of the negatives associated with the fully immersive experience of a full web browser, etc.

If you want a starter smartphone, with less “screen allure”, the Apple Watch with Cellular could be a great option.

It’s also less expensive, relatively, when you’re comparing buying a smartphone from Apple across all the different iPhone options available.

Now you can also consider buying them just an Apple Watch.

For parents or kids, the Series 3 means that you’ll always be connected and essentially you don’t need an iPhone to go about your day.

It will be interesting to see how the battery life measures up.