Gary Larson summed it up in his Far Side cartoon, “How Nature Says ‘Do Not Touch‘”… Warnings serve a useful purpose, if we choose to heed them. If you’re not accomplishing what you want, or what you believe you are truly capable of in life… Maybe you missed the warnings.

Some examples of warnings we miss:

  • Your mother, father and relatives have or had trouble with alcohol or drugs – You keep drinking or taking drugs anyway.
  • Your unproductive behaviors leave you feeling extremely guilty – You keep rationalizing and doing the unproductive behavior.
  • You’re spending more money than you’re earning – You continue to spend as usual, while your income continues to go down.
  • Your big ideas and plans for your business aren’t panning out – You spend each night in front of the TV, go to bed late and wake up late.
  • The cost of college keeps going up – You still don’t save anything for your children’s college tuition.
  • The cost of retirement keeps going up – You still don’t save anything for retirement.
  • The facts are telling you one thing – You keep believing the opposite.
  • You keep getting fired after being hired to do a certain type of work – You keep applying for those jobs.

No one is coming to save you. No one wants to take care of you. You’re not living at home anymore. With the exception of (maybe) your immediate family no one gives a shit what happens to you. If you die tomorrow, this handful of people may mourn for a little while, then they will move on with trying to deal with the problems you’ve left behind for them.

Hopefully they’ll heed the warnings.