Will “AGI Syndrome” Be a Thing?

The technology driven hierarchy of human vs. artificial intelligence is shifting from us being at the top of the food chain to being second in command… And Max Tegmark’s new “Life 3.0” provides a distinct “heads up” message to us to prepare yourself (or your kids) for a future when we may no longer be in control. 

If and when we are forced to relinquish our top dog status… What new uniquely human psychological maladies can we expect to emerge?

When we lose control, what psychological issues will arise…? Will we suffer from Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Syndrome? Robot Depression? A loss of confidence in our abilities at work? An AI Inferiority Complex? Or will there be AI implants that Elon Musk has created to ward off our feelings of inadequacy? Will we live in the matrix… So that we can avoid acknowledging our newfound poverty altogether?

The seemingly inevitable scenarios contemplated in the book seem pretty grim. 

Indeed, as you read this, the world’s leading artificial intelligence scientists are getting sucked up by the largest corporations in a Nash equilibrium AI arms race. All players must barrel forward as fast as possible to achieve the strongest level of AI, because it’s a winner take all situation… And no company trusts that the others aren’t trying to get there first. 

When we are no longer the top of the food chain, what purpose will we have? What if we don’t like the situation with Artificial General Intelligence… but we are simply unable to turn it off?