Apple and Healthcare

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The more health insurers, healthcare providers and the government fuck up healthcare for consumers, the greater the opportunity for a company like Apple to take the entire U.S. market. A company like Apple? Sorry, I mistyped… There is no company like Apple except Apple. 

Healthcare is so fucked right now that almost any new business model would be embraced more tightly than an ant’s asshole. If Apple can combine consumer technology with Apple Store like environments for consumer healthcare services it could quickly become a two trillion dollar company. 

Apple apparently is actively shopping around in the healthcare space for consumer health services providers to acquire. It was recently learned that Apple considered buying a Silicon Valley company called Crossover Health. 

It’s so obvious that this is coming. 

It’s also so obvious that insurers, providers and the government will continue to do absolutely nothing to solve the problem with the status quo, to reduce the stratospheric cost of healthcare and improve the situation for consumers. Watching them get crushed will be extremely satisfying.