Brazil Nuts, Tryptophan and Depression

If you suffer from depression, I feel for you.

I don’t know why on some days I am utterly immobile and feel like I lack any motivation…

My symptoms seem to check the right “boxes” in terms of having depression, at least according to a depression questionnaire I took once.

Brazil Nuts and Depression

Supposedly eating 2-5 Brazil nuts per day can help depression…

I bought some at Trader Joes.

Brazil nuts are actually gigantic seeds from the Brazil nut tree. Brazil nuts contain a lot of selenium (100 micrograms)… This is good for people like me because selenium is supposed to ease depression.

Apparently people with lower levels of selenium have been known to have higher levels of anxiety, depression and exhaustion.

Another approach for treating depression with food is by eating foods that are high in tryptophan because it may increase serotonin levels.

Serotonin is a chemical produced by our nerve cells that acts as a mood stabilizer and helps to reduce depression.

Tryptophan and Depression

You apparently can’t eat serotonin, but you can eat foods rich in tryptophan which can synthesize serotonin. Tryptophan rich foods, such as cage free eggs, cheese and wild salmon are also supposedly good for increasing serotonin levels.

Diet has a big impact on feelings of depression… Indeed, the condition of our gut as it pertains to “healthy bacteria” may be causing your feelings of depression. The right foods can help.

So, if you suffer from depression, maybe the first meal (and/or last) of the day should be some eggs, cheese and Brazil nuts.