Flank the Robot

In the 18th century, hand-made was all there was. The best could charge a premium because of their ability to craft something by hand better than anyone else. Increasingly people do not know how to make things by hand… instead, things are made for them. 

Learning a skill, such as becoming a mechanic or a wood-worker or becoming a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, will likely increase in value in the coming decades as robots and computers do more and more and humans seek ways to connect with others. Becoming a teacher, helping people learn valuable skills they can apply in any area of their lives or business, such as the importance of efficiency in nature, economics and our everyday lives. When everything’s electrified, we’ll need efficiency more and more. 

Trying to compete with a computer doesn’t sounds like much fun. But by focusing on human needs… can we flank the robot?