What is the Hold 10 Crypto Fund?

Hold10 Crypto Fund

Hold 10 Fund is a new index fund for Blockchain based currencies. The company that started Hold 10, called Bitwise, is backed by Blockchain pioneer Naval Ravikant. The Hold 10 fund contains the following cryptocurrency trading symbols:

  1. BTC (Bitcoin)
  2. ETH (Ethereum)
  3. XRP (Ripple)
  4. BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
  5. LTC (Litecoin)
  6. DASH (aka “Darkcoin” aka “Digital Cash”)
  7. NEO (aka “AntShares” aka “The Ethereum of China”)
  8. ZEC (Zcash)
  9. XMR (Monero)
  10. ETC (Ethereum Classic)

Hold 10 is a cryptocurrency index fund that rebalances on a monthly basis. The crypto currencies above are the largest value crypto currencies in terms of value.

The Hold 10 cryptofund will passively hold the 10 currencies and charge a 2-3% management fee per year to maintain and rebalance the portfolio.

Coinbase allows you only to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and charges around the same 2-3% fee per trade if you use a credit card to purchase, which is the easiest way to trade. If you use a bank transfer, the fees are lower on Coinbase.