How to Submit Proof of Use for a Trademark

USPTO Proof of Use Process

Filing for a trademark can be a useful thing if you have an idea for a word or phrase that you want to protect for your use in business.

One of the steps when you apply for a trademark with the USPTO is filing a “Proof of Use” or “Intent to Use”. This demonstrates to the trademark office that you’re not just sitting on the trademark.

To file a “Proof of Use” do the following:

1) Visit the website.

2) Click the “Quick Links” icon in the top right hand corner of the site.


How to File a Proof of Use or Intent to Use Trademark

3) Click the link for “TEAS Trademark filing” 


How to File a Proof of Use or Intent to Use Trademark TEAS

4) Scroll down the page and click the link where it reads “Intent-to-Use (ITU) forms

      1. 5) On the page where it reads “Intent to Use Forms” the link on the next page where it reads

     Statement of Use/Amendment to Allege Use for Intent to Use Form


Intent to use form link

7) Fill out the Allegation of Use electronic form

    The cost of filing an “Proof of Use” or “Intent to Use” form is $100 per class. A class is a type of business, services or merchandise that you want your trademark to be associated with. Each class that you add to your trademark provides additional protection.

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