Republicans and Renewable Energy

American Flag

It’s only a matter of time before the Republican party co-opts the mantle of renewable energy. How it will start, I don’t know… But it will happen. Perhaps a smart Senator or Congressman or lobbyist will craft a clever message tying unplugging from your utility with solar panels and battery storage to be the ultimate expression of American freedom. Maybe it will be Trump… After all there is no way to predict what he will do. If it is not him, eventually a Republican presidential candidate or right wing media…

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What is the Hold 10 Crypto Fund?

Hold10 Crypto Fund

Hold 10 Fund is a new index fund for Blockchain based currencies. The company that started Hold 10, called Bitwise, is backed by Blockchain pioneer Naval Ravikant. The Hold 10 fund contains the following cryptocurrency trading symbols: BTC (Bitcoin) ETH (Ethereum) XRP (Ripple) BCH (Bitcoin Cash) LTC (Litecoin) DASH (aka “Darkcoin” aka “Digital Cash”) NEO (aka “AntShares” aka “The Ethereum of China”) ZEC (Zcash) XMR (Monero) ETC (Ethereum Classic) Hold 10 is a cryptocurrency index fund that rebalances on a monthly basis. The crypto currencies above are the largest value crypto…

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The Opposite of Sustainable

Does recycling packaging for a product that shouldn’t have been made in the first place make the company a better environmental steward Coca-Cola thinks so. They want a pat on the back too…  To me, the fact that Coca-Cola could be anywhere near list after list of the world’s most “Sustainable Companies” is insane.  What would you say if I proposed to you that we create a “sustainable” company that uses 300 billion gallons of fresh water each year to make 150 billion gallons of product. (Don’t worry, we’ll “replenish” all…

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Humble Full Disclosure Brag

The humble brag: “I honestly learned more in 10 minutes helping the homeless than I did in four years at Harvard.” The humble social media brag: “Tough commute!” (shows picture of Porsche 911 Turbo with flat tire.) The humble full disclosure brag: “Incredible news!! Congratulations to the team at (insert name of unicorn startup) on their recent acquisition by Google!!! (Note: I am an investor in both (insert name of unicorn startup) and Google)”  

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Apple and Healthcare

The more health insurers, healthcare providers and the government fuck up healthcare for consumers, the greater the opportunity for a company like Apple to take the entire U.S. market. A company like Apple? Sorry, I mistyped… There is no company like Apple except Apple.  Healthcare is so fucked right now that almost any new business model would be embraced more tightly than an ant’s asshole. If Apple can combine consumer technology with Apple Store like environments for consumer healthcare services it could quickly become a two trillion dollar company.  Apple…

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Prevailing Winds

The prevailing winds of the economy and politics  affect us all, but probably not as much as we think. People mostly do not change from economic cycle to cycle, or from one political climate to the next. What really matters to our lives and to our fulfillment is how we spend out time in spite of the prevailing winds.

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Solopreneurship and Mental Health


Solopreneurship, or the process of leading yourself and working to solve interesting real world problems while making a business out of it, introduces specific stresses to an individual. The definition of mental health is a person’s condition with respect to their emotional and psychological well-being. As a solopreneur, your mental health can suffer… Depression in entrepreneurs is common. Indeed, being a solopreneur can make your mental health worse because talking to yourself may be your only form of therapy. Solopreneurship is a growing phenomenon… More and more people of all…

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