The Opposite of Sustainable

Does recycling packaging for a product that shouldn’t have been made in the first place make the company a better environmental steward Coca-Cola thinks so. They want a pat on the back too… 

To me, the fact that Coca-Cola could be anywhere near list after list of the world’s most “Sustainable Companies” is insane. 

What would you say if I proposed to you that we create a “sustainable” company that uses 300 billion gallons of fresh water each year to make 150 billion gallons of product. (Don’t worry, we’ll “replenish” all the water we use.) 

The product would have almost zero or (potentially less than) zero nutritional value. 

We’ll also use a ton of energy in the process and produce massive amounts of greenhouse gases from transportation to distribute the product to the ends of the earth. 

Oh, and then there’s the garbage. There will be garbage. Lots and lots of garbage (some of which we’ll recycle).