Becoming an Apple Cyborg

Everyday I walk around with some combination of Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad Pro, AirPods and MacBook.

It’s a lot of devices to juggle.

I like the notifications I get on the Apple Watch because they save me time by keeping me from diving into my iPhone. I like the iPad Pro with folding keyboard because it’s super lightweight and easy to use (it’s still not a replacement for a laptop though).

The AirPods are great for calls and for music while driving, running or exercising. They don’t work as well with the Apple Watch as they do with the iPhone.

When I first learned about AirPods I thought they were silly. I thought they looked weird and that they would get lost in 10 minutes. Now that I have them, I really love them and I don’t care what they look like. I haven’t lost them (yet) and they work incredibly well.

You can put them in while on a call on your phone and the call just transfers to them. If you’re listening to music on the AirPods, you and you take one out to scratch your ear or something, the music stops. Then it starts again when you put it back in. Driving with them is a big improvement over having corded earbuds. The charger works great (I wish there was an easier way to determine the battery life, though.)

To reiterate, I didn’t think that I would like AirPods… So, of course, I never imagined something like this could happen, but I sometimes even forget I’m wearing them…!

Apple still seems to get it right about things that we don’t even know we want.

Because I’m carrying around different devices from Apple all the time, I wonder if it will just make life easier to at some point have a subtle implant that provides me with everything I need as I think I need it.

While an implant seems to be a long way off, Apple is betting hard on healthcare.

Apple seems to be working on a headset that uses augmented reality.

I wear glasses most of the time… While I could never picture myself wearing something like Google Glass, if they looked OK, perhaps a pair of prescription augmented Apple glasses would be helpful as long as they worked well, looked good and weren’t a distraction.

Maybe Apple will buy Warby Parker.