The Hamburger Must Die

The hamburger must die

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Your web audience is hungry… for information.

Stop trying to feed them a hamburger.

The hamburger, or three horizontal stacked lines, is a common icon that represents “Menu” in web design.

And it’s horrible.

The beloved hamburger menu icon

The hamburger sucks because no one knows what the hell it is. Especially on mobile.

It surely doesn’t scream “Menu”… Indeed, I hate it when I have to click the hamburger just to find out that I don’t want what’s behind it.

If you are building a website, stay away from the “hamburger”.

Instead, choose something that people will quickly understand and that will get them where they want to go.

Or, here’s an incremental suggestion: add the word “Menu” to your hamburger. Better yet, change the hamburger to a symbol that people know they can click on, like a “Play” triangle.

Menu icon

Best option, though, is to use a tab bar with individual icons for each choice.

Tab bar

TechCrunch wrote a funny article titled “Kill the Hamburger” that emphasizes the tab bar as the best alternative to the dreaded “hamburger”.

It’s amazing, though, that two plus years after this article was written, most WordPress themes (including this one), and even custom designed websites, still default to using the hamburger icon.

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