How to Close a Malware Hijacked iPad Tab in Google Chrome

To close a tab that has been hijacked by a pop-up window on your iPad in Google Chrome, the best solution is to delete the Chrome app and reinstall it.

Unfortunately, merely shutting down Chrome by swiping the app away may not remove a persistent pop-up window in Chrome.

A persistent pop-up window may be asking you to click on something that you probably do ***NOT*** want to click on.

Example being the popup window I found when trying to find a way to watch Dragon’s Den online.

Clicking on the play icon on this video launched a popup, which in-turn launched another window with another popup that would not go away.

🙁 — Clicking “Cancel” just launches a new tab with another popup.

NOTE: Any time a pop-up window that you did not expect asks you to click “Open” or even “Cancel” on something you do no need or want…


Simply go to your home screen. Press and hold the Chrome icon on your iPad until it starts bouncing. Then click the “X” in the top left-hand corner of the icon to delete it.

Then go to the App Store and reinstall Chrome.

The offending popup will be gone.