How to Record Your iPad Screen

iOS 11 allows you to easily record your iPad or iPhone screen by enabling screen recordings from the Control Center

1) Enable Screen Recordings:

You may not have screen recordings enabled in your Control Center. To get to Control Center, click the “Settings” icon on your home screen.

2) Go to Control Center:

Then from within Settings, go to Control Center.

3) Choose Customize Controls:

From within Control Center, tap “Customize Controls”

4) Add Screen Recording as a Control in Control Center:

Tap the green plus sign next to “Screen Recording”

5) Verify Screen Recordings is Added:

You will see Screen Recording is now added to the list of options in “Control Center”

6) Access Control Center To Access Screen Recording:

Now the “Screen Recording” icon will be visible in Control Center. The icon looks like two concentric circles. To access Control Center, swipe up two times from the bottom of your screen, or use four fingers to swipe upward in the center of your iPad screen.

7) Start Recording Your iPad Screen:

To start a screen recording simply press the “Screen Recording” icon from within Control Center.