Positional Dominance

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Part of you is evil…

And, deep down, you know it.

Life is a daily battle for positional dominance. It’s good versus evil. Progress versus complacency. Sacrifice versus comfort. Hard today versus harder tomorrow.

Micro decisions compound and can make you a champion, or send you to the bottom of a crater.

The evil you wants to make the good you submit.

If you’re weak, you will give in to the daily struggle against your evil self because the evil self has an endless source of energy… The good self seems to have a limited supply.

It’s easy to be comfortable. I want comfort now. Everything is designed around “easy”.

In Jiu Jitsu, it’s obvious… Your opponent is trying to make you suffer.

The problem with the inner war is that it’s not obvious all to many people. It’s like a years long chess game that ultimately ends in death.

No one tells you about it, really.

There are no rules to follow when sparring with yourself.

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