Pre-Crime Part II: Solar Powered Weaponized Drones

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Following up on the pre-crime idea to stop mass shootings, if mind reading AI helps prevent crime before it happens, it will also soon be possible to have robot air support for the Pre-Crime police department, basically everywhere. 

Air support would be in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) powered and efficient battery-equipped, weaponized, solar powered drones. 

The pre-crime division would be in constant contact with all the drones in the network. The solar powered drones could stay in flight indefinitely (or close to it) because they would charge their batteries from the sun during the day and discharge them at night to hover. 

The solar powered drones could also land in a tree or on top of a building if needed to extend a battery charge… Or, when it was too cloudy, or they ran low on power, they could fly automatically to a recharging station within their jurisdiction. 

In the event a suspect needed to be stopped, or haloed (in the Minority Report sense), the drone could engage. The solar powered drone could be equipped with a powerful camera and Tazer, or other weapon with enough stopping power to disable a would be attacker. The drone could record the situation, provide real time, objective coverage, deliver orders to suspects via speakers or by calling the suspect’s phone, and relay conditions as they occur to human police. The drone could take action on its own if needed.