The Hump

The Hump

A derivative of “the dip” is “the hump”. The Dip is a Seth Godin term (and famous book) about the difficult time that exists between starting something new and achieving success, however you define it.

The dip is also the period in which you should decide whether it makes sense to keep going or quit. If you are in a cul de sac, you would quit. If you’re merely experiencing the difficulty that comes with growing a business, and you can endure to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, then you push through the dip.

The hump, in sales at least, is that amount of money you need to earn to be able to live. The hump might also be called “Ramen profitable” if you’re single and running an early stage startup. Or if you’re starting out in sales, the hump could be the tough time you have to get through at the beginning as you build your business.

Unlike the Dip, the hump is something that you know you can get through eventually. It’s math based and a function of how much money you need to make in order to support yourself and your family. 

It’s almost imperceptible, but there’s a moment as you approach the crest of the hump… where the pain starts to get to be less.