Tossing “Born to Run” in the Pool

Broadcast today on the NPR “New Yorker Radio Hour” with David Remnick was an interview with Bruce Springsteen about his new memoir “Born to Run”.

It’s a great interview where Bruce describes his early days as a musician. Among the memorable moments in the interview are that says he decided to stay away from drugs because of the damage he’d seen them do to other musicians and how it went on his first big audition (for John Hammond, the famous A&R man).

He said he always had second thoughts about anything important he was working on.

At one point he had finished “Born to Run” and was so frustrated that he threw the album in a motel pool.

He later came to his senses… and to the realization that often the things that are wrong with something are also what makes that thing great in the first place.

(P.S. Bruce’s tribute to Prince is incredible.)