Thoughts Like Waves

If you’re overly introspective, it can sometimes feel like you are a slave to your own thoughts. You can control your thoughts, but it takes a lot of work. Mostly… Thought just happens. Like breathing, as long as you’re alive… Thought just happens. Thoughts are like ocean waves rolling into the shore. Some are good, and some are bad. If you’re a surfer, you can’t control the ocean. Surfers don’t worry about the bad waves… They enjoy the brief good ones. If you’re not a surfer, even better… Instead of…

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In Defense of “Trusted Third Parties”

Third parties

The promise of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts is rooted in the belief that trusted third parties (TTP) should be eliminated from many transactions in our daily lives. In cryptography, a TTP (C) acts as a facilitator between two parties (A and B)  in a transaction. Parties A and B both trust the TTP, which acts as a form of security.   TTPs are used in many commercial marketplace transactions today, from real estate, to stock trading to consumer goods. The logic behind blockchain technology replacing TTPs is that conventional…

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Amazon Coin, Apple Cash, Stripe Coin, Facebook Coin, etc.

Ripple growth

With the cryptocurrency frenzy, it’s been proven that it is simply possible to print money almost out of thin air. Unlike many cryptocurrencies which seem to be complete scams, Ripple, for instance, is a real company… Ripple’s founders, management, Board and investors are experienced Silicon Valley executives and blue chip Sand Hill Road and Silicon Alley Venture Capitalists. But are they worth $11.6 billion? That’s the imputed value of the 20% of Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) that the company will hold (out of a total of 100,000,000,000 XRP today worth $58,389,188,679…

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No Focus, No Future

He went to Harvard undergrad, graduated Magna Cum Laude. Then went to HBS (Harvard Business School). On the fast track to make millions in business… So talented, could write his own ticket, in almost anything. Knowing this was enough. Plus… He always had a dream to be an artist… So he did. Finally free, yes. But, unfortunately, nothing is free. Kids are not free. Marriage is not free. Living in New York is not free. Conflicted. I’m an artist (but I should’ve made money). Screw the money. I’m too talented…

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The Best Way to Update Plugins on GoDaddy Managed WordPress

Updating WordPress Plugins on GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Step 1

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service is a great, low cost way for beginners to get started with building a WordPress site. This is because you can manage your WordPress site easily from within GoDaddy’s online control panel. If you ever have technical issues, GoDaddy offers very good basic FREE phone support with its Managed WordPress service… GoDaddy’s telephone support almost always comes through with a solution for no extra charge. However, one problem that happened consistently with one of my websites on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress was updating plugins. Whenever I updated…

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What Are Salt Loans?

Salt Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

Salt is an online blockchain lending platform. Salt loans are made to holders of cryptocurrencies who want to leverage their holdings for cash, while not selling their cryptocurrencies. For a borrower, one of the benefits of holding a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is that holdings may have appreciated significantly against a basis. For a lender, one of the benefits of lending against a cryptocurrency is that the value should be simple to verify due to the transparency of the public blockchain. As such, Salt connects borrowers and lenders via the…

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What’s The Difference Between a Coin and a Token?

Coin or Token? What's the difference?

Ask 10 different cryptocurrency experts to describe the difference between a coin and a token and you are likely to get 10 different answers. This is because the cryptocurrency community uses the terms “coin” and “token” interchangeably, all the time. The fact is that both coins and tokens fall under the umbrella term of cryptocurrencies… But they are slightly different. Are Coins and Tokens the Same? This is a fair question, but the answer is no. Coins and tokens are subtly different by their layers of abstraction away from the source of…

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The Inside and Outside Game

Crying girl

While getting ready for a holiday party this evening, my daughter started crying. She didn’t want to wear tights. She wanted to wear leggings. I explained that the white tights looked great with her pretty red holiday dress, and that they were perfect with her shiny black shoes. She told me that it didn’t matter what she looked like. This was an obvious attempt to remind me about what I always tell her… “That what’s on the inside matters more than what’s on the outside.” I explained to her that…

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Fear of Being Tested

Your whole life is a series of tests. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week and year… You will be better than others at some tests, and others may be better than you at other tests. Although you may worry about it… No one really cares how you perform on the tests you take… But you care. Whether you admit it or not. So you have to practice testing yourself a little every day. An example of an easy test is waking up early, forcing yourself to…

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