Cold Calling Tip #1

Cold calling sucks bigtime

Cold calling sucks… No two ways about it.

One way you can improve your chances of success are by not just limiting yourself to the phone (even though the phone is probably the most underutilized tool in today’s social media, etc. saturated world).

In the process of cold calling you will find that some people just don’t respond to the phone.

But they might very well respond to email, or text messages.

Even though it might be presumptuous to send someone you don’t really know a text message, the person receiving it might appreciate it more than a call.

In general, if I call someone and they don’t answer or don’t call me back, I automatically assume they don’t want to talk with me… But assumptions are stupid because I may be wrong.

The person I’m calling may just not like the phone.

They may in fact be totally OK with setting up a meeting, but just want to do so via text or email.