Hiding in Darkness

Outside there is light. Inside there is the darkness.

The darkness of our failures, our hidden deeds and desires that we are afraid to have exposed to the light… After all, if we are exposed for who we are, we will be judged…

The people who think they know us might not like us anymore.

It is uncomfortable standing up for ourselves, believing we are right, not fitting in, not obeying the world, making ourselves vulnerable to criticism…

What if the scariest thought you have is to stop drinking? You don’t dare discuss it.

Those thoughts are hidden from everyone but yourself. Should you shine a light on them? Should you show the world who you are telling yourself you should be?

By coming out into the light, you run the risk of being judged… But you know you are choosing the right thing, obeying the better version of yourself who you have only allowed to exist in the darkness.

Obey yourself, and come out. Or hide and obey others.

Who you choose to obey matters.

No drinking