The Inside and Outside Game

Crying girl

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While getting ready for a holiday party this evening, my daughter started crying.

She didn’t want to wear tights. She wanted to wear leggings.

I explained that the white tights looked great with her pretty red holiday dress, and that they were perfect with her shiny black shoes.

She told me that it didn’t matter what she looked like. This was an obvious attempt to remind me about what I always tell her…

“That what’s on the inside matters more than what’s on the outside.”

I explained to her that she was right… What matters most is most assuredly on the inside.

However, I explained that most people are very, very busy.

They have to make decisions about other people very quickly, sometimes in only a second or two.

This is why she needs to learn to play the outside game as well as the inside game.

The inside game is what ultimately matters most… Especially when it comes to the most influential people in your life.

Unfortunately, you won’t get to play the inside game with very many people.

You play the outside game to find players for the inside game.

Playing the outside game is important because it creates more opportunities to play, and win, the inside game.

Which is all that matters in the end.