Toward Self Canonization

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The Devil’s Advocate was an official position within the Roman Catholic Church in 1587.

The purpose of the Devil’s Advocate was to find faults in any person who was proposed for sainthood.

The Devil’s Advocate would search for the worst in the candidate’s character, suggest he or she was a fraud, question intentions, cast doubt, poke holes, raise questions of legitimacy…

Indeed, the role of the Devil’s Advocate was to sabotage the candidate, if possible, at all costs.

The Devil is real.

It exists in all of us.

You must resist the devil’s voice when it tells you to stay in bed.

Resist when it tells you to turn around because you hit traffic on your way to an important meeting.

Resist when it tells you to leave the networking group because you suspect that there’s no one there who can help you.

Resist when it tells you to stop doing what you believe is actually productive.