Will Coins and ICOs Replace Stocks and IPOs?

Mr. T ICO pain prediction

Could the simplicity of cryptocurrencies and ICOs eventually replace stocks and IPOs? Who knows what will happen in the long term. In the short term, though, I’ll wager that there will be lots of… to paraphrase the eminently quotable Clubber Lang… “Pain.” Scammers Are Ruining the ICO Party Just today TechCrunch wrote about a Lithuanian scammer who launched a token called “Prodeum”. The concept behind the token was to track every piece of “food” on the blockchain. Sounds totally investable so far. The guy followed the ICO hype playbook… 1)…

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Truth Decay, Honesty and Money

Truth Decay

Would you agree that the truth and honesty are important? Of course. Indeed, you might even believe that the truth is ultimately more important than any one person is by him or herself. It’s sad, then, that he truth seems to be going through a tough time these days. How bad has the assault on the truth become? Bad enough that the Rand Corporation has published an ebook (below) on it. It’s called “Truth Decay“. Truth Decay addresses the increasing disagreement about what facts are. The truth is under assault because of…

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Is Amazon Still a Buy in 2018?

I recently bought some AMZN stock and did it purely as a defensive move. However, roughly a week or so later, the stock has already gone up by about 10%. Now I’m wondering if I should have bought more. Should I Buy More Amazon in 2018? A first question I often ask myself about an investment is whether I understand the company. I think I understand Amazon. I’m a Prime Member and I certainly use the company regularly… Check that box. But the stock has almost doubled in the past…

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5 Steps in How To Become a Millionaire

How to Become a Millionaire

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be… That said, it’s a worthy goal for anyone to want to achieve. As Jim Rohn said, the word “millionaire” has a nice ring to it, but ultimately its greatest value may not be the money, rather: “…what it will make of you to achieve it.” If you become a millionaire, the most valuable thing about that accomplishment will be the incremental disciplines that you have acquired along the way. How Many Millionaires Are There in the U.S.? As of 2018, over…

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How Does Stripe’s 7 Lines of Code Work?

How 7 Lines of Code works

Stripe offers a simple solution to the problem of overly complex, non-user-friendly e-commerce processing. Specifically, Stripe’s e-commerce solution was created by developers, for developers. The company is famous for its “seven lines of code” which enable businesses to use its system to process payments from anyone by adding only 7 lines of code to a website. This elegant solution has made it easy for businesses to accept payments online, and for Stripe to process tens of billions of dollars in transactions. With its 7 lines of code as a foundation…

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Bitcoin, Gold and $17 Million in Lap Dances

James the Bitcoin Baron Altucher

Last night I went to a live Bitcoin vs. Gold debate between James “The Bitcoin Baron” Altucher and James “The Gold Guru” Rickards. James Altucher is a podcaster, author and blogger and is an expert on cryptocurrencies. He has been investing in Bitcoin since 2013 and famously made his book “Choose Yourself” available for sale using Bitcoin only. James Rickards is an attorney and investment expert who runs an artificial intelligence software firm and is very bullish on gold. The debate was on whether there is a bigger opportunity to…

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Stellar Lumens Displaces Litecoin as #6 Top Crypto

Will Stripe Add Support for Stellar Lumens?

Yesterday, Stripe announced that it would be halting support for Bitcoin on its payments platform. Besides being just generally awesome as an entrepreneur’s tool, Stripe was a pioneer in 2014 when it started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for online transactions. Soon after, popular e-commerce WordPress plugin maker WooCommerce integrated it into its Stripe payment gateway, allowing any WordPress site running WooCommerce to accept Bitcoin. Stripe processes >$20 billion in transaction volume every year. E-commerce sales are projected to reach $631 billion by 2020. This means Stripe has…

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Stripe Ceasing WooCommerce Bitcoin Payments

Stripe Bitcoin Patrick Collison

Stripe has announced that it has decided to stop accepting Bitcoin through its payment gateway. Stripe was a pioneer in online cryptocurrency payments, and was the first major payments company to incorporate Bitcoin into its platform back in 2014. The last day for Stripe Bitcoin payments will be April 23rd, 2018. This is a bummer for anyone who uses WooCommerce and wants to accept Bitcoin. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress sites. Why Is Stripe No Longer Accepting Bitcoin? The problem, as conveyed by Patrick Collison, one of…

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How Much Money Should I Keep in Savings?

How Much Should I Keep in Savings?

I often wonder how much money I should keep in savings. If you are wondering how much money you should keep in savings, you probably worried if you are saving too much, not too little. I have been asking myself the same question. I work in sales and so it always seems like feast of famine for me and my family. If I manage to land a nice client, I’ll get a check from the insurance company I work for, but if not…? Bupkis. As such, I seem to always…

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