The Middle Ages

Middle Aged Person

What is “Middle Age”?

In America, a middle aged person is someone in between 35-65 years old.

The cutoff for “middle age” used to be 45, but nowadays it seems like “old” is getting much younger.

And judging by how hiring statistics suck after age 35, it’s pretty clear that 35 is the age where people start considering you “old”.

The age of 35 is now the cutoff after which people are no longer “young”.

What is “Really Old”?

Ronald Reagan at 65
Ronald Reagan with a cowboy hat at age 65. (Sadly, they don’t make Republicans like they used to)…

OK, so a 35 year old should no longer be given the benefit of the doubt in making really stupid decisions, or acting like a child.

Someone who’s 34 can go out and get shitfaced and make a fool of themselves, but even at 34 it seems like you should have better judgment.

Since 65 is more or less the age of “retirement”… That’s the cutoff before people start thinking you’re “really old”.

The funny thing is that if you stay healthy, and fit, you will tend to feel more comfortable with yourself and get better in many ways as you get older.

At any point in these “middle ages”, if we are lucky enough to live through them, we could quickly get hit with, or experience the slow onset of, a midlife crisis.

Relax. Enjoy it.

Because here’s the thing…

The midlife crisis is going away. Because most jobs that men enjoy today, ones that are commonly associated with being “men” are disappearing.

Indeed, if you’re lucky enough to experience one, you’re probably lucky enough to have a job or marriage that caused it in the first place.