Wufoo Mailchimp Integration Problems?

Wufoo Mailchimp Integration Problems?

Wufoo is a free and premium service for creating useful applications with online forms on the web.

Founded way back in 2006, Wufoo was one of the first web application companies to make it easy for online businesses to engage with their customers in different ways.

Wufoo allows you to collect emails, ask and answer questions, offer quizzes, create contact forms, conduct surveys and much, much more. Wufoo even can capture payments via integrations with PayPal or Stripe.

After about 5 years of independence, Wufoo was acquired by the smart folks at Survey Monkey in 2011.

Basic primate similarities aside, Wufoo integrates very well with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an extremely popular, and useful, email list and campaign management platform for businesses. It also has a cool logo.

Integrating Wufoo With Mailchimp

Anyone with an online business can use either Mailchimp or Wufoo separately to engage with their readers.

But, depending on what you want to accomplish, integrating Wufoo with Mailchimp can solve even more problems for you as a blogger or online business owner.

For instance, say you have an exam preparation business and you want to offer a free quiz for your customers.

Wufoo is great for this.

You can use Wufoo to set up the quiz, and then you can integrate the quiz with Mailchimp to send emails to the quiz takers.

For instance, lets say you want to be able to send your quiz answer key to your readers after they finish the quiz.

You can set up Wufoo to collect the email, then integrate that Wufoo form with the targeted Mailchimp list you want to send to.

Integrating Wufoo with Mailchimp can help you do this.

Possible Wufoo Mailchimp Integration Problems…?


Wufoo Mailchimp Integration

Integrating Wufoo with your Mailchimp account is a snap…

Once you finish building your form, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

A new window will pop up. Click the option for “Set up email notifications for this form.”

On the next page you’ll see three boxes. The right hand box has a big green “+” sign and will read “integrate to another application”.

Click the dropdown menu and choose “Mailchimp”.

A popup window will appear to ask you to connect to Mailchimp. From there you’ll choose which list you want to connect to.

Integrating with Mailchimp

But if you don’t match the data collection fields on the Wufoo form exactly with the fields in your Mailchimp list, it won’t work.

For instance, say you want to collect Email and Name (first name, last name).

All of those fields need to be included and required on your Wufoo form.

Make sure your fields, such as “email” and “first name” “last name” match exactly, or Wufoo won’t be able to pass the data onto your Mailchimp list.

If one of the fields on your Wufoo form is optional and no data is passed to Mailchimp, you’ll see an integration error on Wufoo and wonder why you’re not getting anyone on your mailing list.

Good luck!