HomePod Pairing and Setup is Similar to AirPods

The HomePod pairing and setup process is similar to the process for setting up AirPods.

HomePod pairing uses a proximity sensor, similar to AirPods.

When HomePod is next to an iOS device, you’ll see a tile pop up with a picture of your HomePod.

The setup process requires several prompts, including transferring the settings from iCloud and your iTunes account to HomePod via the Home app.

These instructions are included with the HomePod.

When you unbox the HomePod, you’ll see the only basic instructions included with HomePod describing the setup process.

Holding your iOS device close to HomePod and following the on screen tile prompts that will appear.

If HomePod is not responding the way you expect, it may be because you don’t have an Apple Music account. You can sign up for a Apple Music trial for 90 days for free.

However, if you run into problems setting up HomePod, it could also be due to settings in your iCloud or iTunes account.

Problems could also happen if Home Sharing is not set up properly.

When I set up HomePod initially, my Home Sharing was using my iCloud account email instead of my iTunes email. It needed to be the other way around.