Weakness is Strong

Weakness is strong.

Weakness can overpower me easily.

I know some of my bad or lazy habits make weakness even stronger and put it in a very comfortable position of power.

Sometimes if I give weakness just a shred of a chance…It gets the drop on me.

How Do You Fight Weakness

Weakness is no match for ingrained habits.

Over time, developing good, daily habits takes the random decision making out of your daily routine as much as possible.

Tim Ferriss recently said something to the effect of:

“…Don’t think of the discipline of a daily routine as being a constraint… Think of it as freedom from the chaos of having to create your routine from scratch – over and over – every day.”

I think if you can reduce the need for decision making as much as possible, there’s less of a chance that you’ll procrastinate, less of a chance you’ll get into analysis paralysis, less of a chance you’ll rationalize a bad decision…

And let your day go to hell.

The good small, daily practices are ones that, over time, should have a positive compound effect.

Some days I am overcome with feelings of weakness… This has happened my whole life.

But weakness is no match for ingrained habits.

I floss now every night without even thinking about it. But when I was a kid, I never flossed. I don’t know when this started, but whatever ridiculously small bit of discipline I started to employ to just fucking floss nightly, it obviously worked.

I’m trying to eat better. To get up earlier. To eat less. To write every day. To drink alcohol less. To exercise regularly. To work daily on my side hustles. To work daily on my main hustle. To be a better marketer. To make more cold calls. To be better at selling anything and everything.

Identify the important compounding tasks to do every day, then do them until they’re second nature.

The solopreneur who beats him or herself up has no source of external discipline, no browbeating boss. Our success in overcoming weakness and reaching our goals must come from inside.