Zulu Foxtrot Golf

Zulu Foxtrot Golf (zero fucks given)

One of the benefits of getting older is that you don’t really care as much what other people think.

Research shows that self-esteem throughout life is shaped like a bell curve… It is lowest among young people and seniors.

Through mid-life, our self-confidence grows… Peaking at around age 60.

From 30-60 these could be referred to as the “Zulu Foxtrot Golf” (zero fucks given) years.

Self-esteem seems to decline after 60, though.

Perhaps this is a result of age-related health issues, personal employment status (due to an early retirement or lack of meaningful work), or income or education issues.

How to Increase Self-Esteem Later in Life

However, Internet technology and many free online resources make it increasingly easy for older people to remain productive in their later years.

Indeed, for people in mid-life, starting a blog to share your experiences can be a great project.

Combined with a personal networking group, starting a blog can:

  • Create a source of income
  • Provide an educational challenge
  • Provide an alternative to conventional “employment”

After all, you have knowledge that quite literally has taken a lifetime to achieve! What could you share within a blog that others could learn from?

Technology is making it possible to work from home and build a supplemental lifetime income from the expertise you have acquired for the first half or two thirds of your life.

Starting a blog or an online business is possible for anyone with the time, interest and willingness to put in the work.

What could you start writing about today?

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