Anti-Idling Laws Are Total Bullshit

IMHO, anti-idling laws are total bullshit.

Yes, car idling is BAD for various reasons:

  • Idling your car isn’t good for the car.
  • Idling your car isn’t good for outdoor air quality.
  • Idling your car produces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Idling your car wastes gas.
  • Idling a large vehicle like a truck could be annoying to others who may live or work near it.

But anti-idling laws are bullshit because of two main reasons:

  1. Enforcement is problematic. The anti-idling statutes have all sorts of exemptions, however, very few in terms of common sense issues such as outdoor temperature.
  2. Everyone idles. Unless the person is driving a Prius, Tesla, Hummer or has “rolling coal” installed, there’s no stereotypical way to tell, from the outside of the idling car, whether the individual who is idling is otherwise a total f-ing treehugger in every other aspect of his or her life.

My point is is that you could be a member of the Sierra Club, own a green building certified by LEED, have solar panels on your roof, recycle everything, bring your own bags to the supermarket, never drink bottled water, are a vegan, live in a tiny house off the grid, run an eco-friendly green business, etc. etc. you could still find yourself idling your car in some situation.

And, suppose you were thinking to yourself, “I should really be doing more for the Earth…” when some guy walks over to you and says:

“You know, sir, idling is against the law. You should shut your car off.”

What do you think you would do then?

You’d get out of your idling car and punch the guy in the mouth.

Then you’d make damn sure you IDLED at every opportunity you have, from now until all eternity, just to stick it to the environmentalists.

Anti-idling laws may MEAN WELL…

…But they are “sustainability circus” or “sustainability theater”.

They don’t actually accomplish anything of value.