Apple Should Create Its Own Password Manager App

I wish Apple would create it’s own password manager “App”, like 1Password, LastPass or Keeper.

Apple currently has a built in password manager called “Keychain”… But Keychain only really works with Safari and iPhone Apps that can pull stored credit cards from Keychain.

I use Google’s Chrome app for browsing, but Keychain doesn’t work on Chrome.

I also use Gmail on my iPhone because Gmail is 5,000,000 times better than the native Apple “Mail” app…

The Apple Mail app takes forever to load mail, whereas if you tap the Gmail app your mail is there automatically. No waiting.

Also the search capabilities on Apple’s Mail app are worse than abysmal.

But Gmail works great on the iPhone.

Back to the Apple Password App… Again, because I trust Apple more than I trust most tech companies with my personal information, it would be great if Apple had its own Password App.