Apple Watch is the New iPhone

Apple Watch is the New iPhone

As a distraction from all the bad political news, I look forward to reading news about Apple Watch because…

The Apple Watch is Basically the New iPhone. 

Before I bought an Apple Watch (Series 2) I didn’t expect it to be much more than a toy… But I have found it to actually add value in my day to day business.

Apple Watch not only works well, it is actually useful…

  • I like the design
  • I like the notifications
  • I like the health-related reminders
  • I like having stocks, text messages and timers, etc. at a glance without having to pick up my iPhone


Battery life is not an issue. That said, I don’t have the “Series 3” with cellphone capabilities. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the red dot on the Series 3.

I take it off at night and charge my Apple Watch on my bedside table each night.

In terms of the future, I’m excited about the new form factor Apple is working on, and the future for health tracking applications.

If Apple could help reinvent and improve healthcare, the company’s potential for solving important problems for a profit is nearly endless.

In terms of market potential, while the iPhone is pretty saturated, Apple Watch has nowhere to go but up in terms of the potential global market.

There are essentially no competitors to the Apple Watch.

Fitbit is a joke.

Apple competes directly with Rolex.

The Apple Watch is a piece of jewelry that presents an interesting challenge for UI and UX designers… Because eventually the processing power of the Apple Watch will approximate that of an iPhone.

By building out Siri’s capabilities over time, adding voice identification to EarPods and maybe entering the glasses market, Apple can use the Apple Watch as the hub, instead of the iPhone.