Someone Needs to Kill “Rapid Fire Questions”

someone needs to kill rapid fire questions

Podcasters and interviewers sometimes do this thing where they wrap up their episodes by asking their interviewees some “rapid fire questions“…

But… The questions are usually not “rapid” in the speedy sense. 

I think they’re just questions.

They’re the favorite questions the podcaster always likes to ask his or her guests.

As an alternative, they could ask “quick reaction” questions where the guests have to answer quickly without thinking too much, or based on instinct.

Or what about…

Using a stopwatch with a max time to respond and a buzzer that will go off if they don’t.

Like a game show.

Or they could ask “Yes/No” questions, or a series of “On a Scale of X to Y…” questions, or one word “Fill in the blank” questions, or if you could describe yourself using these words “Choose from A, B, or C…” questions, or something else that has only a one word answer.

Just a thought.