What is Verge Cryptocurrency?

Porn site “PornHub.com” is accepting cryptocurrency for payments.

The worlds biggest porn site now accepts a cryptocurrency called “Verge”…

FWIW, Verge has nothing to do with the tech news site “TheVerge.com”…. Verge cryptocurrency is a rebranded forked version of the meme coin “dogecoin”.

Indeed, Verge cryptocurrency used to be called “Dogecoin Dark”.

Verge Coin was chosen because the cryptocurrency is traded on a blockchain that is obscured by the Tor network on the Dark Web.

Tor obscures the public blockchain transactions to keep users’ activity private.

PornHub wants to offer users privacy.

Verge cryptocurrency spiked briefly, but it’s crashed like a mofo in the last day.

Seems odd, I would have expected its chart to resemble a hockey stick… A priapic, longitudinal erection hard up and to the right.

Instead, it experienced a little brief, premature wood… Followed by dangling feelings of inadequacy.