Freedom and Debt

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Some people just have a lot of interests.

And it can be hard to whittle them down.

Such a big world. So much to know and do… Why not be a philistine?

Accept, though, that if you’re unfocused you will have a hard time generating income.

So stay away from debt.

Because debt can make the process of finding, and doing, what you love much harder.

I saw the quote below, attributed to Tom Rothman, former President of Fox Filmed Entertainment, which sums it up:

“The trick is from the business side, to try to be fiscally responsible so you can be creatively reckless.”

— Tom Rothman

If you’re passionate about a lot of things, then “follow your passion” is terrible advice.

Freedom and debt are at natural odds with one another.
Debt can force you to work harder…
But what if you’re doing the wrong kind of work?