GDPRgeddon for Solopreneurs and Bloggers

gdprgeddon for solopreneurs

GDPR compliance is about 26 hours away… Meanwhile, for millions of solopreneurs, bloggers, tiny website owners, etc… Compliance with GDPR is like “GDPRgeddon”.


What a ridiculous, asymmetrically burdensome pain in the ass.

It’s absurd.

Of course the huge, data-driven companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. should have to comply with whatever privacy requirements the EU wants to have in place.

Their entire billion dollar business model empires are built on the bones and reputations of individuals using their free tools.

As they say, if it’s free… You are the product.

The big companies that can afford to hire “Data Privacy Officers” etc. will do whatever they need to do to comply with this and they’ll be fine… Indeed, more than fine.

Meanwhile, small bloggers who use comments, collect emails from readers, install plugins, use Google Analytics or use cookies or advertising plugins to try to make a few extra dollars may be shutting down because of having to figure all this out.

Why Is GDPR Applied Evenly Across All Websites? It Makes ZERO Sense.

There should have been some sort of revenue cutoff or traffic cutoff or business model description that provided an equalizer in terms of small businesses, non-businesses, solopreneurs, etc.

For instance, what harm is being done by a U.S. blogger who uses Google Analytics to track their pageviews? Or see which landing pages are most popular?

The only personalized data that is being used in that scenario is being used by Google.

Google has all the power in that relationship. Google benefits from allowing bloggers to use Google Analytics and Search Console for free. The blogger gets some information about his/her blog… Google hires data scientists from Stanford and MIT to evaluate all the data in aggregate and make billions.

The regulators step in and screw it up. The little guy once again gets screwed in this new arrangement.

Freelancing is more and more of a way of life for many people… and it will become more so.

And a huge part of freelancing these days is using the web to market handmade products, writing, sell individual services, etc.

If a freelancer attracts a searcher by properly writing and optimizing a blog post, then wants to provide a cookie to the visitor to show an ad to that visitor after they visited the site… What is wrong with that?

Nothing. That is the freelancer business model.

The freelancer is not amassing a detailed database about every personal detail of that user so they can sneakily sell this data in bulk to programmatic advertisers and make millions…

The blogger has no idea who that person is.

And never will… Unless the visitor decides one day to voluntarily buy something from them.

But the blogger is now required to jump through additional hoops, in addition to just trying to make a living, to “notify” people that cookies are being used.


Everyone knows this already. Everyone accepts it.

It’s a joke that tiny websites that get 3,000 pageviews a month need to comply with this…

//End Rant//