How to Sign Up For The Apple Watch Heart Study

how to sign up for the apple watch health study

I signed up for the Apple Watch Heart Study today.

The recent story of Apple Watch wearer Gaston D’Aquino’s made me curious about how the study works…

Gaston D’Aquino is a 76 year old man who received a potentially life saving notification on his Apple Watch regarding a potential heart problem.

D’Aquino has got about 30 years on me…

But as a “middle aged” guy who wears an Apple Watch, I figured… Why the heck not sign up for this free study?

Gaston D’Aquino didn’t think anything was wrong with him, either… So, if my Apple Watch notifies me of something weird, better safe than sorry. If it notices nothing… Even better.

You can get the Apple Watch Heart Study app in the App Store (here’s the link).

You can read about the heart study clinical trial here. The legal information from Apple is here.

Max Participants In The Apple Heart Study?

Apple has sold around 50-60 million Apple Watches… But the Apple Watch Heart Study is limited to only 500,000 people in the United States…

I don’t know how many people are in the study, but I figured it’s probably filling up.

Also the study ends on January 1st, 2019.

Once you sign up you don’t have to do anything, just wear your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch monitors your heart rate for irregularities automatically each day.

If a problem is detected, Apple Watch sends you a notification. They’ll then arrange for a consultation with a physician free of charge.

How to Sign Up For The Apple Watch Heart Study

Signing up is very easy. You just have to download the “Heart Study” app from the “Watch” app on your iPhone and follow the instructions.

Once you install the app, you open it and follow the instructions to agree to the terms and conditions.

Once the app is installed and you agree to participate in the study, just install the Heart Study on your Apple Watch.

That’s it!

Step 1: Download the Apple Heart Study App

Apple Watch heart study step 1

Step 2: Follow the instructions. You’ll need to agree to the consent regarding sharing anonymized information with various parties to the study, including Stanford University. You’ll need to sign a HIPAA authorization as well.

Apple Watch heart study step 2

Step 3: Once that’s done you need to make sure you have the Apple Heart Study app on your Apple Watch. Once it’s set up you’ll see “Heart Study” listed as “Installed on Apple Watch” as in the screenshot below on the right.

Apple Watch heart study step 3

Step 4: You’re part of the Heart Study. You can check to confirm that the Heart Study app is working on your Apple Watch. It will reflect how many days you have been participating in the Heart Study.

Apple Watch heart study step 4