I Failed The Swedish Fish Test

How many tests do we take every day that will add up to our “life score”…?

We take the exercise test, time choice test, thinking test, reading test, ambition test, eating test, nutrition test, etc.

We take the nutrition test probably 100 times every day.

Eat nutritious food? Pass.

Eat sugar. Fail.

Say no to sugar: Pass.

Over time it adds up and your body and mind will thank you.

I was in CVS today for the express purpose of buying Swedish Fish.

Double fail. I lost double life points by going there for that purpose. I downed those little bastards in no time flat.

It was scary.

I saw an article today in “The Ladders”. The gist of this article was basically if you want to be successful, break out the dental floss.

People who are disciplined about their bodily hygiene are more likely to succeed than people who are slobs.

Don’t floss and you’re walking around in sweat pants and a dirty shirt at noon each day?

Not looking too good for you on the success front.

I floss like a mofo.

Sugar is Poison

More and more evidence is out there that sugar is terrible for you. Jocko Willink calls it poison. Says it literally kills you. I can believe it… If you think about it, it has no purpose in your body really… So when you eat it, there’s just one more bit of work your body has to do each day to try to keep your heart pumping, lungs breathing, you alive… Etc. I failed the Swedish Fish test big time. The world is one big test made up of a million little choices. In the USA, the score is mostly about money… But not dying a slow death from cancer, diabetes or heart disease while the insurance companies slowly suck your savings account dry’s gotta be worth something too.