Is My.Yahoo Officially Dead..? officially dead

**UPDATE** My.Yahoo RSS feeds are working again… 

Yahoo overwhelmingly sucks in general…

However, until recently (meaning within the last few days) I’ve been using as my homepage.

I started using it years ago and it developed into a habit. In fact it was a simple way for me to collect RSS feeds and easily glance stock prices.

But I think Yahoo may have finally killed “My.Yahoo”.

Yahoo RSS Feeds Not Working

For the last week or so, My.Yahoo RSS feeds have not been working… My “My.Yahoo” page looks like this screenshot below.

I tested my “” page on multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and the feeds appear to be broken on every browser.

All the RSS feeds on MyYahoo appear to have broken CSS and the first half of the page is just blank. In the bottom left-hand corner is an ominous single word…

“Done.” not working

In the upper right hand corner is a message suggesting I should “Upgrade my browser with the best of Yahoo”…

Seemed questionable…

upgrade myyahoo

But I followed the steps to do this.

Hint: It’s not an upgrade. It will make Yahoo News your default homepage.

Your RSS feeds will still be gone… Replaced by a static news page littered with ads…

If I click on “Finance” I’m brought to another news page littered with ads and my stocks on the lower right hand side below the fold.

The Best of Yahoo is an Oxymoron

The upgrade is just a page littered with ads and a “news” feed that is also littered with ads that look like news stories.

There is no “best of Yahoo” anymore…

Unless of course the best of Yahoo consists of a bunch of crap Outbrain-like, Taboola-looking ads masquerading as news stories with shit clickbait and the word “sponsored” in tiny gray lettering.

myyahoo is a downgrade not an upgrade

I literally hate looking at a Yahoo! news feed.

It sucks so bad… It’s everything people hate about what the Internet has become.

Yahoo so badly wants you to click on the sponsored news stories that you aren’t really interested in.

myyahoo clickbait

How many times per day do you see ads like the one above…?

How many times have you clicked on ads like these and immediately wished you hadn’t?


Are advertisers who buy programmatic advertising from Yahoo paying 500% more for clicks than they should? Who knows…

My Yahoo Alternatives?

I’ve looked around for alternatives, but none of them look promising.

I just want to be able to read my RSS feeds (TechCrunch, Mac Rumors, Apple Insider and a bunch of SEO related feeds), plus my stocks I’ve collected in My.Yahoo over the years.

If you know of a good My Yahoo alternative, I would love to know about the options and what you like to use as a homepage…

Thanks in advance!