List of Security Robot Guards For Schools

list of security robot guards for schools

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Another school shooting today, this one in Santa Fe, Texas.

Once again, some psycho got ahold of a gun, brought it to school and shot a bunch of unarmed, innocent students.

Kid had a written plan and left signs that could have been heeded.1

Security guards at schools seem unable to do anything to stop this. The NRA is useless… You’d think they’d be out front, trying to protect schools.

But they do nothing to try to prevent it.

I wonder when we will have robots that will do the job more effectively than humans.

Unfortunately, none of them are capable of protecting schools by identifying a firearm where there shouldn’t be one and disarming, subduing or killing the offender.

Here is a list of five autonomous security robots that can act as security guards.

Anbot Robot:

Similar to Knightscope (below) in appearance. Roaming capabilities with camera for recording and disrupting offenders. Has potential to shock people from a distance. No long range weapons. China Underground

Cobalt Security Robots:

Designed to monitor and deter in situations where there could be trouble.

Knightscope Security Robots:

This robot can detect weapons. It can move fast, but can’t disarm or subdue the attacker.

Boston Dynamics: Atlas Robot

Atlas Robot can run, jump, grab, go through doors, etc. I think it’s not autonomous, though. Needs to be controlled by a human guide. I don’t think they’ve developed a security robot yet… Although some of Boston Dynamics’ robots are pretty scary and are easy to imagine as an effective deterrent.

This company was once owned by Google, but they divested themselves of it… Not sure why.

Earlier video of Atlas jumping.

Earlier video of Atlas robot correcting itself after being “attacked” by a human.

Fedor Humanoid Robot (Russian)

This robot is designed as a humanoid and can actually shoot guns. If the Russians are working on this, it must also be happening in the States.

Fedor Armed AI Bot (Wikipedia)

Whether it’s solar weaponized drones or security robots, hopefully we’ll have a way to protect kids in schools.

Kids should not have to worry about being killed, on top of having to worry about learning, and dealing with the social shitstorm that is High School in general.

I was in high school in the 1980s. I can’t imagine what this would be like as a kid today to have to deal with all of these incremental layers of pressure.



  1. Again, you’ve got to think that one of these huge Internet companies (Google, Palantir, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) have enough data to connect the dots in some of these crimes and provide a case in the sense of pre-crime intention to at least watch out for a kid like this. Artificial intelligence is getting to the point where the data should be available to point to something that has a good chance of happening.