Low Tech, Big Check

Low tech big check

It’s easy to over-rely on technology to solve genuine problems… One such problem is the pain associated with prospecting (i.e. cold calling).

Cold calling works.1

The fact is that people have their phones with them everywhere now… You can reach them via phone, or via texting or email for the portion of their communication that they used to do with voice.

But when you call someone they may answer the phone, just because it’s with them.

If you call a receptionist, or personal assistant, if you are nice to them they may give you information. If you call a sales team, they will tell you everything about the company.

Cold calling works in sales. It just doesn’t work very often. So the number of times you have to hear “no” is a lot.

It’s a low tech solution to the problem of getting money.

It just requires having the balls to pick up the phone and dial and see if the person on the other end is interested in what you’re selling.



  1. At least it will as long as people will answer their phones. However, fucking Google may have just killed cold calling forever with fucking “Duplex” that is essentially a robocaller’s wet dream… If this type of technology becomes cheap enough, scumbag spammers and robocallers will use it 24/7/365 to bombard your phone. When this happens no one will ever answer their phones again. Not unless they know, ahead of time, that the caller on the other end is A) an actual human and/or B) a friend or acquaintance of theirs.