Freelancer or Solopreneur: What’s The Difference?

freelancer or solopreneur whats the difference?

If you’re considering a side hustle, you may think of yourself as a freelancer or a solopreneur. Freelancers and solopreneurs are often conflated with one another, or used interchangeably… But aside from the fact that they work mostly by themselves, freelancers and solopreneurs are different. Freelancer or Solopreneur? A freelancer is someone who exchanges his or her time for money. Freelancers work on projects for clients, as the clients come in. Freelancers do the work themselves. They’re the boss of themselves… They own a job that they control. If a…

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Does The IRS Solar Tax Credit Phase Out?

irs solar investment tax credit ITC phase out?

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides a 30% investment tax credit for residential and commercial solar systems. The ITC is one of the most important federal policy mechanisms to support the deployment of solar energy in the United States. The IRS allows a tax deduction of thirty percent of the cost of a solar system, including labor and expenses, for any individual or business, through 2023. However, the Solar ITC is often threatened with extinction by partisan politics driven by competing…

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WP Courseware eLearning Plugin For WordPress

Even if you aren’t aware of it, there’s a good chance that you have some unique knowledge that others would benefit from… Perhaps it’s related to your professional career as a zombie makeup artist… or your mycology hobby, or your unique style of iPad illustration or cartooning. Whatever your skills are… On the Internet those skills create an opportunity! You have an opportunity not only to solve a problem for someone else who is looking to learn, but also create a business for yourself. How? Create an online course to…

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List of Security Robot Guards For Schools

list of security robot guards for schools

Another school shooting today, this one in Santa Fe, Texas. Once again, some psycho got ahold of a gun, brought it to school and shot a bunch of unarmed, innocent students. Kid had a written plan and left signs that could have been heeded. Security guards at schools seem unable to do anything to stop this. The NRA is useless… You’d think they’d be out front, trying to protect schools. But they do nothing to try to prevent it. I wonder when we will have robots that will do the…

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3 Ways To Be A Happy, Healthy Wantrapreneur

3 ways to be a happy, healthy Wantrapreneur

There are two types of wantrapreneur: Healthy and unhealthy. People mostly know the unhealthy kind. If you constantly dream of building a startup or breaking out on your own to launch your own business… But the timing just isn’t right… You may be a healthy wantrapreneur. However, if you’ve already started your business, but you’re not willing to do the hard work (most often overcoming the fear of sales), or sacrifice anything to make the business work, or you’re trying to raise money for your startup just for the sake…

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Words I Made Up: Drowsing

verb: drowsing 1 1. the act of sitting behind the wheel of a parked, running motor vehicle while staring at your smartphone.”the parking lot at work is always filled with people drowsing just before 9:00 am.” noun: drowsing 1 1. the false perception of control and safe operation of a motor vehicle while staring at your smartphone.”he was convicted of drowsing.”

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USD Coin: The Stable Crypto From Circle

USD Coin the Stable crypto from Circle

With USD Coin (USDC) the Circle vs. Coinbase saga continues… And Circle seems to be out-innovating Coinbase, at least with its latest move… The launch of a fiat currency backed, “stable crypto” called USD Coin. USD Coin is an asset backed token backed by the U.S. dollar. Each USDC held by a Circle account holder will float in value to an actual U.S. dollar that will be held in the user’s account. USD Coin as Stable Crypto With USD Coin, Circle aims to leverage the positives of crypto, while minimizing the…

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Three Important Life Questions from “Principles”

Ray Dalio’s book “Principles” is a very good read. It delivers early on, too. Within the first few pages Dalio offers three important questions that anyone can use to help them make better decisions in their life. Indeed, if you only remember these questions, you could get a ton of value from this book. The three questions Ray Dalio asks you to ask yourself are: What do you want? What is true? Considering #2, what are you going to do to accomplish #1? So simple, but so important. The questions…

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How to Sign Up For The Apple Watch Heart Study

how to sign up for the apple watch health study

I signed up for the Apple Watch Heart Study today. The recent story of Apple Watch wearer Gaston D’Aquino’s made me curious about how the study works… Gaston D’Aquino is a 76 year old man who received a potentially life saving notification on his Apple Watch regarding a potential heart problem. D’Aquino has got about 30 years on me… But as a “middle aged” guy who wears an Apple Watch, I figured… Why the heck not sign up for this free study? Gaston D’Aquino didn’t think anything was wrong with him, either……

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Low Tech, Big Check

Low tech big check

It’s easy to over-rely on technology to solve genuine problems… One such problem is the pain associated with prospecting (i.e. cold calling). Cold calling works. The fact is that people have their phones with them everywhere now… You can reach them via phone, or via texting or email for the portion of their communication that they used to do with voice. But when you call someone they may answer the phone, just because it’s with them. If you call a receptionist, or personal assistant, if you are nice to them…

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